Digital Commerce (OPERATIONS) Integration Platform Solutions (DCIPS)


All your digital commerce operations. All on one platform. Integrated. Automated.
Under your control.

The Etail Vantage Platform (EVP) is the only ecommerce operations management platform designed to take full advantage of Etail’s extensive integration capabilities.

That’s because Etail integrates all your sales channels, all your sources of inventory, and your other systems of record that are already in place. Then EVP leverages a complete suite of integrated tools that are designed to work seamlessly together to automate ecommerce operations, increase revenue and margins, and eliminate errors and uncertainty.

The power of the Etail platform comes in its unique capability to network your entire sales and supply chain ecosystem, aggregate and normalize data from across your operations, and then leverage its integrated suite of tools to maximize revenue and boost margin on every sale.

Etail digital commerce operations platform at a glance

Etail’s integrated toolset puts all your ecommerce operations at your fingertips and under your control.

The Etail operations management platform is designed to maximize revenue and margin while boosting inventory yield and ROI.

Etail was purpose-built to handle the complex fulfillment and logistics challenges facing multi-channel, multi-location 3PLs, manufacturers and brands.

End-to-end, integrated ecommerce
operations platform

All your ecommerce operations on a single, centralized platform

Order management

Accept and aggregate orders from all your sales channels. Automatically route orders to the best fulfillment option based on lowest fulfillment cost, capacity or any other criteria you set.

Inventory Management

Maintain up-to-date accurate inventory availability across all your sales channels, sources of inventory, and suppliers.

Product Information Management

Automatically format and update listings across sales channels, suppliers and data sources with Etail’s multi-channel PIM.

Catalog and Listing Management

Manage and normalize data across multiple sales channels, inventory locations and suppliers. Automatically publish listings and other data in the format required by each partner. Automatically update listing content, visibility and pricing based on inventory availability and cost.

Fulfillment Management

Support all ecommerce fulfillment options including drop shipping, cross docking, FBA and marketplace fulfillment, pick pack ship, 3PLs and fulfillment services, retail location pick up and shipping, plus micro-fulfillment..

Forecasting & Replenishment

Automatically collect, aggregate and normalize data across everywhere you sell and all of your sources of inventory. Etail’s Master SKU design provides a single point of truth that greatly simplifies and enhances forecasting and replenishment accuracy.

Pricing Management

Control your pricing across channels. Etail’s pricing and repricing tools factor in all costs of delivering a product – including the actual cost of fulfillment by location – into pricing decisions.

Warehouse Fulfillment Tools

Etail works with your existing WMS and supercharges it for ecommerce fulfillment including specialized tools to optimize pick pack ship, drop ship and cross dock operations.

Shipping Management

Etail includes a native shipping engine or integrates with shipping software such as DeskTopShipper or ShipStation.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Complete integration and automation ensure absolute data integrity and accurate, real-time reporting.


Designed for the demands of distributed logistics

Distributed logistics is simple in concept, but complex to execute.

Customers and marketplaces demand fast delivery. Distributed logistics disperses inventory and fulfillment to multiple locations to be closer to the customer, cutting delivery cost and time – especially for same-day and 1-or 2-day deliveries.

But that often means dealing with multiple, unique systems and platforms at each location. Balancing inventory and replenishment across locations. And even managing multiple fulfillment methods beyond just pick pack and ship.

Etail integrates your entire distributed logistics footprint into a single network that you control, vastly simplifying managing orders and inventory across locations and improving forecasting and replenishment.

Plus Etail is built so you can easily add or change 3PLs, agencies or other partners, keeping your options open while you maintain control of your fulfillment technology stack.

And Etail supports multiple fulfillment options including pick pack ship, drop shipping, cross docking, FBA and marketplace fulfillment, buy-on-pick-up-in-store and other retail fulfillment, and dark stores or micro-fulfillment facilities.

Only Etail offers a complete “inventory aware” platform

Etail is inventory aware. That means inventory-availability controls the listings and content that your shoppers see. Published inventory, product listing content, pricing and promotional offers can modified for individual shoppers based on regional inventory availability and fulfillment cost.

That gives Marketing unprecedented control over listings, pricing, promotions and merchandising. And Operations will never receive an order they can’t profitability fulfill.

Real-time reporting with absolute data integrity

Because EVP aggregates and normalizes data across your sales channels, supply chain, and management systems, Etail provides unmatched insight into your ecommerce operations.

Etail transforms siloed sales, supply and product data into revenue generating and cost saving opportunities. Review order, sales, cost and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier

Explore data with drill-down accuracy. Use our pre-built dashboards or create your own with drag-and-drop simplicity. Or export data to Tableau or other enterprise analysis tools.

Drive data-driven decision making, key performance indicators, and organizational alignment with Etail.


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