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Fulfillment strategies that create competitive advantage.

The bottom-line rests with you. Customer – and stakeholder – expectations are rising. Customers want endless-aisle access to all your products, then fast, free delivery. Stakeholders expect you to do it at a profit.

Etail is the missing link in your digital commerce go-to-market strategy. Other platforms focus on optimizing listings and content. Etail focuses on helping your Operations team keep the delivery promises you make to customers while optimizing margin after the sale.

You’re leading your company’s digital transformation. With Etail, we’ll work together to make sure it’s a profitable one.


The Challenge:
Meeting rising customer expectations

Your digital commerce customers expect a lot. They want to find your products wherever they shop online. They expect fast – often free – delivery. And they often change their purchase decision based on how quickly they can receive their order.

The Solution:
Sell everywhere. Fulfill from anywhere

Etail is designed for “digital commerce without limits”. Be everywhere your customers shop by easily adding sales channels. Fulfill from anywhere you have inventory available. And leverage regional inventory availability to drive listing content and pricing so you won’t take orders that you can’t successfully fulfill.


The Challenge:
Growing sales… and profits

Your stakeholders expect growing revenue and market share but are impatient with the margin and profitability challenges ecommerce presents. When customers have instant access to all your competitors, all their products, and their best pricing, raising your prices is not an option. You need to compete smarter before and after the sale.

The Solution:
Maximize margins after the sale

Only Etail is purpose-built to make money after the sale. That’s because Etail is designed to maximize inventory yield management. That means you make the most profit possible from the inventory you have available to sell with customers that are shopping online right now.


The Challenge:
Controlling brand equity

Your brand is your bread and butter and, hopefully, it will be thriving today, tomorrow and far into the future. But MAP violations, inconsistent use of brand assets, and a jumble of sales channel content and listing requirements threaten your hard-won brand equity in the eyes of your customers and trading partners.

The Solution:
Centrally manage brand assets

With Etail, your listing content and brand assets are centrally organized on the Etail platform, then automatically published to your sales channels in the format each requires. Need to change content or pricing? Change them in the Etail system and your brand content is automatically updated everywhere you sell.


The Challenge:
Not innovating fast enough

It’s tough to innovate at the speed of modern ecommerce. Often your current operational capabilities, your staff’s limited ecommerce expertise, or your IT department’s capacity to take on additional projects limits your ability to execute your ecommerce strategy and get your job done. Projects get delayed, cancelled – or worse – implemented poorly. That puts the business – and your future – at risk.

The Solution:
Expert Innovation. Limited IT involvement

Etail is designed to be implemented without extensive IT involvement. Then Etail automates order, inventory and fulfillment workflows so you can focus on what you do best: innovation and growing the business. Feeling overwhelmed, short on staff, or facing an unexpected business challenge? Etail’s professional services team is ready to help fill the gap.


The Challenge:
Conflicting, confusing, inaccurate data

You can’t manage what you can’t measure accurately. And your management and stakeholders expect accurate, real-time reporting in a format they can understand. But compared to traditional distribution, ecommerce data is fragmented, often incomplete, and reported in different ways by different sales channels. And supply chain data often involves collecting data across dozens of partners with disparate OMS, IMS, WMS and ERP systems.

The Solution:
Integrated, normalized data with reporting tools

Etail is a fully integrated ecommerce platform. Orders, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and costs across all your channels and trading partners are normalized, integrated and automated for absolute data integrity. Then Etail provides a powerful business analytics engine. Drill-down reporting is at your fingertips. Use our dashboards or create your own with drag-and-drop simplicity. Or export data to your ERP or third-party tools like Tableau for additional analysis.


The Challenge:
Gaining organizational alignment

As a business P&L or brand leader, you learned long ago that you can’t go it alone. You need an organization aligned, incentivized and ready to deliver on the brand promises you make. Everyone has an opinion; you need your organization making data-driven decisions and then measuring the results against quantifiable metrics and KPIs.

The Solution:
Decisions driven by single source of truth

Etail’s extensive business analytics capabilities not only give you tools to manage the day-to-day business, its data warehouse serves as a “single source of truth” for your entire ecommerce operation. Set quantifiable ecommerce metrics across functions, including annual business goals with associated metrics. Also, you can collaborate with your trading and fulfillment partners to co-develop and track goals with regular data-driven discussions and updates.

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