WE’re different
by design

Even ecommerce pros often confuse what Etail does with other ecommerce platforms. But we’re unique

Even ecommerce pros often confuse what Etail does with marketplace-management tools like ChannelAdvisor, EDI software like TrueCommerce or CommerceHub, or integration tools like Dell Boomi or IBM Sterling. We’re not like those guys.

Etail is an integrated suite of digital commerce operations management tools and services, purpose-built to jump-start 3PLs and the brands they serve in reaching their next level of profitable growth. We solve their toughest ecommerce problems – the problems worth solving to transform their D2C capabilities, ensure future growth, and reach their ecommerce goals.

Sure, we’ve designed the industry’s most powerful, scalable platform to help us do it. But the genius of Etail lies between our people’s ears, not just flowing from our coder’s fingertips (although we’re pretty good at that too).

Our Mission

Drive the growth and profitability of our customers through the Etail platform.

Our mission says it all. We work with a handful of select clients, leveraging the power of the Etail platform and service offerings to drive their businesses to the highest level of growth and profitability. Our growth is dependent on their growth, not on how many new customers we add.


We’re a digital commerce platform driven by people, not code.


We believe that being trustworthy to our clients and to each other comes from doing the right thing, owning your commitments, admitting mistakes (we all make them), being honest, and modeling integrity day-in and day-out.


We believe that partnerships mean both parties are at risk and can both profit. We view partnerships as long term, which requires that there be a mutual fit, that we are all growth oriented, and that decisions need to be made with the interests of all parties in mind.


We believe company success hinges on our ability to demonstrate thought leadership in solving the complex problems presented by the industry we serve. Our approach is to be smart, own the problem, and understand “why” in order to create repeatable solutions.


We believe in passion. This includes loving to win, working hard, having fun, and being driven to make a positive difference. We believe all our efforts should seek to empower the customer, guide them with our experience, and help them achieve the growth we collectively desire.


Ecommerce experience and expertise

Michael Anderson

CEO & Cofounder

Michael’s vision and leadership drive Etail Solutions forward every day. As a software industry entrepreneur, Michael recognized that a lack of time and money were the biggest obstacles preventing ecommerce entrepreneurs from scaling. He realized the need for a solution that allowed merchants to leverage automation to shift their day-to-day focus from managing operations to driving growth. As a result, Etail Solutions was born. Now, more than a decade later, Michael and Etail continue to lead the evolution of digital commerce, helping 3PLs, fulfillment providers and brands to create and manage their D2C capabilities, to “sell everywhere, fulfill from anywhere”, and to meet demanding, ever changing consumer expectations and sales channel requirements.

Clyde Seigle

CTO & Cofounder

Clyde is the technology visionary and driving force behind the ground-breaking architecture of the Etail Vantage Platform (EVP). Clyde’s expertise led to EVP, a first-of-its-kind platform that enabled operational data from both the sales and supply-side of the organization to be managed in a single, centralized network. The result was the first ecommerce management platform specifically designed to handle the complexities of large-scale, multi-channel ecommerce. Now, as digital commerce evolves, Clyde is leading the charge to transform Etail from an ecommerce platform to a suite of digital commerce services – making best-in-class integration and fulfillment technologies more available to 3PLs and the brands they serve than ever before.

James Irwin

VP of Operations

As a member of the leadership team, James oversees the implementation, customer support and client success functions that are responsible for helping customers transform their business through Etail Solutions’ system and services offerings.

Prior to joining Etail, James was president and general manager of a major outdoor equipment company and also served in a number of finance, administration and IT roles.